Greetings! This is my first attempt at a podcast, featuring quality hip-hop from the 'underground', with lots of remixes, a few of my mash-ups, and lots of shouts to fellow friends and freaks. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out and have encoded at 192 to be festive. Hope you don't mind the DL and that you enjoy it as much as i do! Holler at me! Future not-i-podcasts will feature global groove, world beats, mash-ups, oddities, and more full-spectrum hip-hop. Peace & Sayónara, ~I Tracklist: 1. DJ not-I Podcast Theme (ft. Afroman, Braintax, BristleKRS, Bruce Lee, ButterB, Dr. Bakteria, Hire Spensa, Lupe Fiasco, MC Lyte, ODB, Ryan Tronier, Shturchime, Tony Touch, Tweet, and Voltio) 2. not-I talk 1 3. Pharoahe Monch - Push (ft. Showtime, Mela Machinko & Tower of Power) 4. Outkast vs. Kanye West - A-Trak remix (The Rub) 5. Cut Chemist - (My 1st) Big Break 6. Rob Sonic - Warning (prod. by DJ Ese) 7. The Roots - Come Together ft. Zion I (prod. by J.Period) 8. not-I talk 2 9. Brother Ali - Truth Is 10. Motion Man - Confidence (prod. by KutMasta Kurt) 11. Ghost ft. Abstract Rude - Basic Instinct 12. Kaze - On (prod. by K.Hill) 13. DJ not-I talk 3 14. Masta Killa - Then & Now (ft. Karim Justice, Shamel Irief & YoungPrince) 15. Mos Def - Undeniable 16. Swollen Members - Grind (ft. Moka Only) 17. Jedi Mind Tricks - Suicide 18. Common - The Movement 19. not-I talk 4 20. Lupe Fiasco vs. Ez3kiel - I Gotcha Sûrement (DJ not-I remix) 21. DJ Krush & Company Flow - Vision of Art (DJ Krush remix) 22. Lady Sovereign - Public Warning 23. Azeem - I'm On 24. Afrika Bambaataa - Metal (ft. Gary Numan & MC Chatterbox) 25. not-I talk 5 26. Nas vs. Sicknotes vs. KRS-One - Cry Hope (DJ not-I remix) 27. Busta & Missy vs. Banzai Spirit vs. Casper & Fen-X - Year of the Pig Mix 2007 (DJ not-I remix) 80 min. 110 mb, 192 kbs